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Orthodontist vs Cosmetic Dentist

Your smile is one of your greatest assets.  This is why it is so important to make sure you are not only brushing and flossing your teeth but have a dental team that will provide you the best possible care.  Sometimes it is confusing trying to figure out what kind of dentist you need.  For instance, should you see an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist help you? An orthodontist is a dentist that has been trained in fixing dental irregularities. They are a licensed dentist that has completed two additional years of experience and training. They are able to fix overcrowding, crooked, or under or over bites.  Usually, your dentist will refer...

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What are Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Cosmetic dental procedures are procedures that are handled by a dentist purely for cosmetic reasons. While there can be some medical or physical benefits to cosmetic dental procedures, they are primarily used to improve one's appearance. There are numerous types of cosmetic dental procedures that are commonly used today, including the following: Tooth Reshaping If you've had a tooth that's been broken or damaged, a cosmetic dentist can reshape it for you so that it has a natural appearance. Teeth that are misshapen can also be shaved down and rebuilt so that they have the correct appearance. This tooth reshaping process is one cosmetic dentistry procedure that is commonly performed after oral...

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Is It Really Safe?

A lot of people are interested in getting cosmetic dentistry done, but they often wonder if it's actually safe? The truth is it really depends, but you can find out more by reading the rest of this article. It will discuss when it's safe, the potential risks of cosmetic dentistry and what considerations you need to take in before deciding to have a procedure done. When It's Safe Generally speaking, cosmetic dentistry is safe, but only under the right circumstances. For example, it is usually safe when it is performed by a highly trained professional who has undergone specialized training. Also, the best professionals continue their education or stay on top of...

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